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Adventures of Superman (1952) Season 4


George Reeves as Clark Kent / Superman 

John Hamilton as Perry White

Bill Kennedy as Announcer

Jack Larson as Jimmy Olsen

Robert Shayne as Inspector Henderson

Noel Neill as Lois Lane

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Watch the episodes here:

Adventures of Superman S4E1 Joey

Adventures of Superman S4E2 The Unlucky Number

Adventures of Superman S4E3 The Big Freeze

Adventures of Superman S4E4 Peril by Sea

Adventures of Superman S4E5 Topsy Turvy

Adventures of Superman S4E6 Jimmy the Kid

Adventures of Superman S4E7 The Girl Who Hired Superman

Adventures of Superman S4E8 The Wedding of Superman

Adventures of Superman S4E9 Dagger Island

Adventures of Superman S4E10 Blackmail

Adventures of Superman S4E11 The Deadly Rock

Adventures of Superman S4E12 The Phantom Ring

Adventures of Superman S4E13 The Jolly Roger

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