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The Avengers (1961) Season 1


Patrick Macnee as John Steed

Ian Hendry as Dr. David Keel

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Watch the episodes here:

The Avengers S1E1 Hot Snow

The Avengers S1E6 Girl on the Trapeze

The Avengers S1E13 One for the Mortuary

The Avengers S1E14 The Springers

The Avengers S1E15 The Frighteners

The Avengers S1E17 Death on the Slipway

The Avengers S1E18 Double Danger

The Avengers S1E19 Toy Trap

The Avengers S1E20 Tunnel of Fear

The Avengers S1E21 The Far Distant Dead

The Avengers S1E22 Kill the King

The Avengers S1E23 Dead of Winter

The Avengers S1E24 The Deadly Air

The Avengers S1E25 Change of Bait

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