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Adventures of Superman (1952) Season 1


George Reeves as Clark Kent / Superman 

John Hamilton as Perry White

Bill Kennedy as Announcer

Jack Larson as Jimmy Olsen

Robert Shayne as Inspector Henderson

Noel Neill as Lois Lane

Phyllis Coates as Lois Lane

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Watch the episodes here:

Adventures of Superman S1E1 Superman on Earth

Adventures of Superman S1E2 The Haunted Lighthouse

Adventures of Superman S1E3 The Case of the Talkative Dummy

Adventures of Superman S1E4 Mystery of the Broken Statues

Adventures of Superman S1E5 The Monkey Mystery

Adventures of Superman S1E6 Night of Terror

Adventures of Superman S1E7 The Birthday Letter

Adventures of Superman S1E8 The Mind Machine

Adventures of Superman S1E9 Rescue

Adventures of Superman S1E10 The Secret of Superman

Adventures of Superman S1E11 No Holds Barred

Adventures of Superman S1E12 The Deserted Village

Adventures of Superman S1E13 The Stolen Costume

Adventures of Superman S1E14 Mystery in Wax

Adventures of Superman S1E15 Treasure of the Incas

Adventures of Superman S1E16 Double Trouble

Adventures of Superman S1E17 The Runaway Robot

Adventures of Superman S1E18 Drums of Death

Adventures of Superman S1E19 The Evil Three

Adventures of Superman S1E20 Riddle of the Chinese Jade

Adventures of Superman S1E21 The Human Bomb

Adventures of Superman S1E22 Czar of the Underworld

Adventures of Superman S1E23 Ghost Wolf

Adventures of Superman S1E24 Crime Wave

Adventures of Superman S1E25 The Unknown People Part 1

Adventures of Superman S1E26 The Unknown People Part 2

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